Hair loss in domestic cats is a common issue, it can be due to many factors. The main reason for the incessant shedding in domestic cats is very often the wrong food. The lack of vitamins and minerals leading to destruction of hair follicles and permanent hair loss.

если кот линяет что делать

Infection cats skin mites and other parasites inevitably leads to loss of hair. The lice are often found in domestic animals.

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When infected with a skin fungus also occurs profuse hair loss. For example, when microsporia, due to the lack of itch and anxiety in cats, the fungus spreads all over the body, causing considerable damage to the hairline.

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For animals with lowered immunity characterized by an excessive loss of fur, are animals who recover from serious illnesses, undergoing surgery or received by close interbreeding.

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Allergic reactions to inappropriate food or other substances can affect the growth of hair cats. The weakening of the immune system to the allergens that have accumulated in the blood, leading to loss of hair.

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Vegetative-hormonal disorders, vitamin deficiency and a violation of the phases of mating affect the loss and deterioration of the quality of cat fur.

In the postpartum period and lactation wool growth in many cats is suspended, the hair falls out quickly and in large quantities.

Cat long-haired breeds need daily combing. If not removed by combing the hair in these cats form hair balls in the stomach and ugly mats on the body that has a negative impact on appearance.

Noticing your pet excessive hair loss that does not correspond to the natural season of molting, you should contact your veterinarian. Also you should change the diet of your cat, making it complete and balanced.