Why pet sheds?

если кот линяет что делать

Should start with the fact that the shedding process is a natural physiological manifestation in the life of a pet. Seasonal moulting affects almost all breeds of cats. Pets can molt at any time of the year, the rest of the cat and change your hair only in the spring.

How to deal with the fact that the kitten is shedding?

вычесать жир с тела магически

In fact, to deal with cat shedding is not necessary, since you can lose in an unequal struggle with the animal. Molting is not always caused by natural processes.
It is easier to try to prevent molting, paying attention to the pet.

Very important conditions in your kitty. The air in the room in any case should not be dry. Diet you should think about in advance, it is advisable to do this on their own, and to consult with a veterinarian.
Insufficient content in the feed of fatty acids omega-3, omega-6, vitamins and minerals can lead to frequent dropouts of wool.

If the food is balanced, but the kitten continues to fade, should pay attention to the condition of the endocrine system of your pet. Problems with the thyroid gland, the hormonal changes and disruption of the sexual glands can lead to the fact that all the nutrients will not be absorbed. In this case you need to go to the vet.

One of the possible causes of hair loss are different diseases. It could be ringworm, skin parasites, allergic dermatitis and other diseases.

Stress caused by trauma, moving, loud sounds and emotional overload of a small animal could trigger the moult.

Kitten during molting need frequent brushing. This will help prevent the formation of tangles, bringing inconvenience to the animal. If you do not care for hair properly, then the mats can only be cut with scissors. To care for coat small pet use special metal combs, brushes gloves and gromenkova loop.

Also very important is the care of the hair immediately after moulting. For this purpose, manufacturers offer special conditioners. Products are divided according to application into two types – use during bathing and the use of outside water treatment.