Prepare a "slicer" - a special brush for combing out long hair. Despite the terrible name, the brush removes only the hair that is already separated from the body of the cat. Of course, if many sites on the body, with matted fur, there is a risk to make a cat in pain. You may also need a steel comb with blunt teeth. When choosing a comb or slicker follow the recommendations of your vet. Remember - the more frequently you combed your pet, the less discomfort she will deliver this procedure.
чесать кошек
Place the cat so that it is convenient for you and her. First comb the hair on the neck. Move the comb in direction of hair growth gently and tenderly. Talk to the cat, calming her. Combed neck, go to the front legs and the armpits.
как избавиться от линьки кошки
The most problematic area in fluffy cats tummy and part of the hind legs, called "trousers". Make a note of these places special attention. It was there often formed mats, especially if the cat can't reach these places, licking himself. Find mats, gently untangle them with your hands and comb as I can. Particularly bad sites it is best to cut out with scissors.
избавиться от сильной линьки у кошек
Put the animal on its feet and comb hair on the back and tail. After finishing the procedure, stroke your cat, praise her, give her a treat. Gradually, your pet will be comfortable letting you comb yourself, perhaps even purring with pleasure.
опасна плохая свертываемость крови