Why the cat resists the process of combing?

If your cat resists the fact that you combed it, it means one of two things - or was held improper socialization, or he feels discomfort.

Early socialization of a pet it is important that he is used to laying of hands. Then he will feel yourself comfortable and will allow you to comb his hair. So kittens often need to take hands from an early age, they should be brushed so that they get used to this procedure and to inspect the ears, eyes and teeth. If you give it enough time, you will reduce the stress, which matured cat may be experiencing in the future.

To begin to teach your kitten to a regular grooming must have from 8-9 weeks. Yes, at this age, he still doesn't shed, he's got soft fur and the comb can not stay even one hair. However, it will last a phenomenon. And then you will have to deal with a naughty cat who is extremely negatively concerns to attempts on his coat.

How to comb a naughty cat

The first step is not to hurry, because combing should bring your pet only positive emotions. Start with short sessions of brushing, this will improve the level of tolerance a cat. To calm the animal before the procedure pet him or give him soft massages. In the process of combing gently talk to your pet - this will help to reduce his stress.

Try to brush your cat on a schedule. Spend this procedure in a certain place and at the same time. For example, every day at 8 PM in the hall. If you can't follow the schedule, try to accustom the animal to a specific sequence of actions. For example: fed the cat, ate dinner by themselves, washed the dishes began to comb out, but not immediately after dinner, when cats get sleepy). Observe your pet, and you would decide the right time for this procedure.

Learn how to brush a cat. If your dog's coat is matted, for a start it will be easier to use the services of cat Barber who will cut it neatly.

It is better to start with better to use soft rubber brushes. Comb the cat needs from head to tail. Don't forget about the basic rules: do not scratch the tail or brush against the grain.

Observe your pet to understand what scratching where he likes the most (neck, forehead, sides, cheeks...). If the cat begins to resist, try to avoid such places.

Accustoming the animal to the procedure of combing, it is not necessary to force him to tolerate the unpleasant actions. Because then the cat will be afraid of one type of comb, to break, scratch and run away. Better to show the utmost patience and care in relation to your pet. And then with time, your cat will receive from the pleasure.