In captivity instincts

Cat – creatures, though domesticated, but wild and untamed. Precisely because of this peculiar temper of the people and fell in love with these animals. And if your furry pet lives in a comfortable apartment, does not mean that its nature, it is forgotten. Once on the outside - on the dacha or previously unexplored stairs - the cat is experiencing many new sensations like never before and feels his animal instincts.

What makes your Roger to ride in the dust, forgetting about everything? First and foremost, care about their own safety. The fact that cats are guided by the smell, and in a strange place, where they face many dangers, it is best to ensure that the possible enemies you didn't smell. Avalanches in the dust, cat beats your smell like and merges with the surrounding space – now to find it much more difficult.

Medical procedures

Surely you have noticed with what care the cats take care of their coat. To lick and comb the fur of these animals can literally from morning to night. If your pet worried about itching or irritation, it will also attempt to get rid of it the easiest from his point of view, the way – will begin to roll in the dust. Nothing strange in this. The fact that the main cause of discomfort of this kind are ticks or fleas. Domestic cats, they are bugged far less frequently than street, but from this misfortune nobody is insured.

Clean the fur from parasites by dust is another primitive reflex. The same way purify your skin, feathers and fur almost all representatives of the animal world. So, if you find that your cat regularly falls in the dust, makes it often for a long time and literally thrilled blissful ecstasy in the process, it is an occasion to test it on fleas. Fleas can be quite small and inconspicuous, but to cause your pet quite unpleasant. In addition, they are often carriers of other diseases.

An unbalanced diet

It also happens that your cat begins to roll in the dust to lead your coat, for example, to get rid of excessive sebum. The dust is acting as a kind of powder or talc. A perfectly healthy animal never has matted hair with a pronounced oily "icicles". And if the reason dust bath in violation of the quality of the wool, it is a reason to pay attention to the diet and correct it. Your pet obviously don't have any nutrients or diet properly.