You will need
  • - Yota One;
  • - Yota Many;
  • - Yota Egg.
If you need to connect several computers to the Internet from Yota, then buy a special USB modem that can access the network. Connect the device to a selected computer and configure it. If you decide to use a modem Yota One, the setup is not required.
Now connect the computer with other devices. In this case it is better to use a network hub. With this equipment combine all of your computers in a single LAN. Turn on these PCs. Open the list of local and wireless networks the first computer. Select the network that is formed with a hub.
Open the properties of TCP/IP and set the network adapter a static IP address. Remember this value. Save settings this menu. Open the properties of your Internet connection and select the tab "Access". Activate the share this Internet connection. Specify the local network for computers that need to share.
Configure the settings of the network adapters of other computers. To do this, enter for each new value of a static IP address. In the field "default gateway" and "Preferred DNS server" enter the IP of the first computer. Save the settings and connect to the network Yota.
If you need to connect to the network Yota a few laptops, get a device Yota Many, Yota Egg or. This Wi-Fi routers that work with the 4G network. Configure the selected hardware to connect to the network Yota and set a password to access your Wi-Fi network. Connect it to mobile computers. Alternatively, you can use other 4G routers, but configuring them will take much more time.