You will need
  • - network cables;
  • - network card.
Identify the most powerful computer on a given LAN. If it includes more than 10 PCs, it is recommended to choose a dual-core computer with RAM greater than 3 GB. Connect to the selected computer cable provider.
Configure the connection to the Internet. Do not specify any additional parameters. Perform setup so as recommended to make your ISP. Make sure that the Internet access is active and healthy.
Now connect to the host computer the second network card. You can also use a single multiband network adapter. Connect with additional network cards in this computer to the local network.
Open the network connections list. Click with the right mouse button on the icon of the network adapter connected to the network. Open its properties. Now select Internet Protocol TCP/IP and go to its properties. Select the check box near the option "Use the following IP address". Enter the value IP is equal to This computer will act as a gateway to access the other PC to the Internet.
Go to the properties of the newly created connection to the Internet. Select "Access". Check the box next to "Allow other network users to use the Internet connection of this PC." Save the settings of network adapters.
Now go to configuring a secondary computer. Open the list of local networks. Go to the settings menu of the TCP/IP Protocol. For each item in this menu, set the following values:
216.216.216.X – IP-address; – subnet Mask; – default gateway; – Preferred and alternate DNS servers.
Perform a similar configuration of other computers. Of course, X must be less than 250 and greater than 2.