Advice 1: Why a small upload speed

There are two aggregate parameter, which determine the overall speed of the network connection to the Internet inbound and outbound speed. The last parameter, often called "impact" depends not only on the provider, but also from many other causes.
Why a small upload speed

Upload speed can be adjusted, as at the program level and at the provider level. Often low rates upload varies depending on your chosen tariff and quality of services rendered. Try asking your provider the details of all the options for your plan. Most of the new providers provide services equivalent to dividing the speed of, for example, outgoing and incoming speed = 10 MB/s.

When using different torrent clients, you must ensure that the "return" is not reduced artificially. An example will be considered at one of the most common clients uTorrent. Run it by double-clicking the icon on the desktop. If the shutdown it was closed from the system tray, the screen of the program window should not appear. Open the main window by double-clicking on the tray icon.

Click the right mouse button in the lower right corner of the utility (the string "Return"). Select the appropriate speed by pressing the left mouse button on that value. Please note, if you use the torrent clients upload speed also depends on number of people, handing out at the moment. The peak of this parameter, as a rule, is achieved only late at night (due to time difference in time zones).

Low speed initially can exist at the hardware level. To check this you need to launch a browser and in the address bar enter the address and press the Enter key. In the opened window enter the username and password admin, and then click OK.

On the download page, go to the first tab, Device Info (Information, Info etc.). Locate the parameter Line Rate — Upstream. Some models of ADSL modems do not allow you to "accelerate" more than 768 Kbps, which is quite a low speed. To increase the speed in this case is possible only when changing relevant equipment.

Advice 2: How to increase upload speed of Internet

Many torrent networks use the ratings of users that are affected by the amount of information given to other members of the network. Users with high ratings provide a number of benefits to downloading information from the torrent tracker. One way to improve rankings is to increase the upload speed.
How to increase upload speed of Internet
You will need
  • - Torrent client, e.g. uTorrent 2.0.
Contact your Internet provider and change the tariff plan for a new providing the higher speed outgoing traffic. You can change the provider. If you are using a dial-up connection, switch to a DSL or cable connection. To check your connection speed on the site
Close all programs that are in any way associated with the Internet and not used for download/distribution of the files. If possible, use a computer to download/distribution information when you are not working on it.
Settings optimize torrent client. To do this, remove the limit on the maximum upload speed. Then right-click on the uTorrent icon and select menu item "upload Limit value is unlimited.
Open the main menu item "options" and select "Speed". For global limits the upload speed set to No limit(0)". Uncheck the menu item, which would limit the upload speed when no downloads. In addition, set the maximum values for connections – 50 peers per torrent – 80. Install 30 slots cards torrent.
In the line "the Order" specify the maximum number of active torrents – 15. Clear icon in the field, with limited distribution upon completion of the distribution of active torrent. Set the hands higher priority than downloads.
Programs that increase the speed of the Internet does not exist. As a rule, people are offering to use these programs, just trying to make money without providing any guarantees. Don't waste time searching for such programs.
Useful advice
Use the latest version of your chosen torrent client, containing corrections and additions to improve the upload speed of files.
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