You will need
  • 2 notebook.
If you have two laptops, and want to provide them simultaneous access to the Internet, it is not necessary to buy Wi-Fi router. Connect a LAN cable to the network adapter of the mobile computer.
Configure the connection to the ISP. In this case it does not matter what type of connection is used to connect to the network. Make sure that the laptop gets Internet access.
Now create a wireless LAN network between your mobile computers. To do this, open the control center network and sharing on the first laptop. Select menu "Manage wireless networks".
Click "Add" to create a new connection. Select the type of network "computer-computer". The fact that most Wi-Fi modules laptops don't work in access point mode. So you need to create a direct connection with another mobile PC.
Enter the network name and password. Save the connection settings. Plug the other laptop. Open the list of available wireless networks. Connect with the first mobile computer.
Open the properties for the wireless adapter. In the settings of the TCP/IP specify a static IP address. Enter in the field "Main gateway" of similar value, replacing the last digit.
In settings Wi-Fi module, first set the laptop IP address whose value you entered in the field "default gateway" is the second mobile PC. Open the settings menu of Internet connection. Select the tab "Access".
Check the box next to "Enable access to this connection to other users". Save the connection settings and activate it. Add a wireless LAN connection in the firewall exceptions. Go to the second laptop and see if you can access the Internet.