You will need
  • Computer, Nokia data cable, Nokia PC Suite, SIM card with activated GPRS internet).
For starters, one of the available methods, enable GPRS internet (on the SIM card of your phone). In the office of the company-operator by sending SMS to service number or talking to the helpline operator. This is done absolutely for free. All the necessary facilities you will find on the website of your operator or in sales offices. Similarly, connect one of the options "unlimited Internet". These options are now quite a lot and you will easily find the one that will meet your needs.
Installs directly on your PC or laptop with the Nokia PC Suite program. It is on the disk that comes with the phone. The installation will take very little time and will pass without problems, thanks to the detailed prompts. Driver needed to connect phone and work correctly with it, is automatically downloaded along with the program. If you are a happy owner of the phone with no frills in a box – welcome to the official website of the manufacturer. Download the latest version of the program (and subsequent installation).
Now, when the preparatory moments left over, you can begin to what is, in fact, all this was conceived.
1. Connect between a computer and a phone. For this purpose equally well suited as a USB cable or Bluetooth.
2. Start the computer (laptop) program Nokia PC Suite.
3. In the opened window click on the file tab.
4. In the popup box choose “Internet Connection”.
Attention! Now the program itself, before your astonished eyes, will establish the desired connection. Immediately you will be notified, just look at the screen of the monitor.
So elegantly, in three clicks, you went on the Internet using your Nokia device as a modem. It should be noted, without any problems and no unnecessary masochism. However, despite the apparent simplicity, you must still comply with the conditions listed above. Happy travels over the network.