You will need
  • USB extension cable
  • Suction Cup
  • Antenna-signal booster WiMax
Despite the fact that the Yota modem connects to the USB port of your computer if you use it at home, then take the time to stick it directly. Better to buy a USB extension cable that reduces signal quality and has a good capacity. This is important, because if before purchase you had slow Internet because of bad connection, now it can slow poor quality extension cable.
Fasten one end of the extension cable into the USB port of your computer and the other end put it on the window or in another area of the apartment where a good signal reception. Walk with the laptop or with the extender inserted into it with Yota modem, to discover a place that is ideal for a permanent stay. Attach the modem to the window is very simple with a conventional suction Cup. You can also use double sided sticky tape.
If these simple measures aren't enough for you, signal is still weak, it is necessary to purchase additional equipment. WiMax antenna can help to boost the signal Yota network, making your job that much more enjoyable.
People who use the Internet Yota in the car, also do not have other choice, except buying an antenna amplifier. This effective tool during car trips in the city do not suffer from the deterioration of the reception network, even if you leave the coverage area.