Various models of the braun shavers can be different in the scheme of anti-interference filters. One model, each starter pillow has 3 pins, the other - 4. Braun shaver has a solid plastic case collector motor, voltage switch, which switches the windings of the coils and the switch and switch retractable knives for cutting.
Upper part of the housing has a cutting head with floating blades, which rotate movable knives. Head closed top cap, flip head is cutting. While pressing down the lock head is discarded by a spring that is mounted in the loop of the cutting head.
All moving blades are driven wheels, equipped with leashes and are in the clutch with the pinion gear, which is located on the motor shaft. The cutting knives are driven by eccentric gears.
Before you disassemble the shaver braun, you need to unplug the plug or pull the battery. Then remove from the shaver socket. Then open the razor, removing the cutting head for shaving and knives for cutting, remove the spring that attaches the blades and tighten the case halves. After this you need to Unscrew the screws inside the base, and a fastening screw. The switch is in the off position. The razor measure the voltage with an AC voltmeter at the points of connection of the choke.
Switch shaver check with ohmmeter, remove connector and connect the probe to the connection point of the switch with the throttle. To remove the coil must be removed from the base of the stub and Unscrew the screws under them. With the motor off the base, gears, thrust washers. Then raise the spring mounts, pushing them to the side for antennae. You can then remove the brushes, remove the screws and mount the stator to the frame is to remove along with the anchor.
In the second diagonal there are 2 screws which you should Unscrew that to remove the stator coil and then the coil.