You will need
  • Computer, printer, paper for printer, basic skills for working with computer
The first thing to figure out when you need to clean the print head. No reason to carry out this procedure is not necessary, because when the cleaning head is used, a significant amount of ink. If the printer is without work, as prevention is better instead to use the clean print special pages with elements of all the primary colors.
The symptoms, in which the print head cleaning becomes necessary is the appearance of band-gaps when printing. By the way, similar symptoms appear when running out of ink. To know their level, click on "Printers" in "start menu" and click on the icon of your device. In the window that opens displays the properties of the printer, including ink level. If the cartridges are not empty, and passes when printing appeared, start print head cleaning.
Make sure that the printer had inserted the paper. In the properties window of the printer , select the Maintenance tab. Will see the option to clean heads standard and deep. Better to start with the standard, because during deep cleaning consumes more ink. Deep cleaning should be applied if the standard does not give the desired result. Start the cleaning.
After executing a control program, the printer will print a test page to find out how effective was the cleanup. If the gaps have not disappeared, the operation must be repeated, selecting the option "Deep cleaning".
If these treatments do not help, contact the service center. Independent attempts head cleaning "artisanal" methods (soaking in a cleaning solution, etc.) can lead to its damage.