Advice 1: How to get rid of echo in room

Echo often occurs in large spaces with large, flat surfaces and bare walls and ceilings. A similar effect can be observed in some living rooms. To get rid of it in several ways.
How to get rid of echo in room

Walls and floors

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the coating of walls and floors of the room. If they are deprived of any decoration, a rolling echo is almost inevitable. To get rid of echo you can use a soft carpet. They soften the surface and absorb sound. So the effect of the carpets was the maximum, try to choose a model with a long NAP. The preferred option will be the flooring entirely. However, if this method seems too expensive, you may be limited to small rugs.

Not covered with walls are also a cause of the echo. Use to cover them with soft paper or fabric coverings. Try not to hang on the walls of large paintings, they create a hard surface that can cause problems. If you are using outboard electronics, such as TV, mounted on bracket, install it under the thick and padded panels, for example, of velvet. These panels will absorb sound and prevent the appearance of echo.


Another reason for the presence of echo in the room can be a large window. Try to make the glass of your Windows was something covered. Use, for example, velvet curtains covering the whole window and hanging to the floor. You can also use decorative elements from fabric, such as lambrekenom or grommets.

Furniture and accessories

A good way of removing the room from the echo is the use of high bookcases, filled with a variety of accessories. This helps to disperse sound and prevent its reflection. Try to fill this Cabinet with books, they will help to significantly reduce the likelihood of echo.

A large number of upholstered furniture also helps to cope with this problem. Try to furnish the room with sofas and armchairs in soft fabric, use chairs with padded fabric headboards, large floor cushions and various accessories (e.g. soft toys). Try to avoid upholstered furniture, made of leather, and there a wood or vinyl coatings. These materials absorb sound worse than fabric.

Acoustic panel

Conventional wall coverings, whether it is mild Wallpaper or fabric, may not give the expected result. In this case, you can use special acoustic panels to combat the reflections of the sounds. These panels can be manufactured from a variety of materials such as foam or foam rubber. They often have a corrugated surface, which improves their efficiency. Acoustic panels are usually supplied in the form of rectangular plates of small size and can be mounted independently.

Advice 2 : How to remove echo

Have you ever heard echo in the process of using video conferencing programs (Mail agent, Skype, QIP, etc.)? The situation is extremely unpleasant and it is necessary as-that to get rid of. The effect of the "echo" occurs, as a rule, due to the large volume and excessive proximity microphone and speakers. Sometimes the echo turns into a nasty squeak that make guitarists in rock concerts, going to the speakers. Panacea in this case is to control the mixer of your sound card.
How to remove echo
You will need
  • Configure the mixer sound card, microphone, speakers or headset.
To remove the echo, you need to determine as a result there is a sound. Also it is necessary to determine whose side is the echo: with your or your companion. For this you can ask your opponent to lower the volume of his microphone, and also to disconnect all audio devices located near the computer. If the echo is not lost, you can safely proceed to action on the elimination of echo in your audio system.
If you are using separate speakers and microphone, try to change the volume of the speakers, namely lowering. Do the same with the volume control for the microphone, which is in the mixer. In order to start the mixer, simply double click with the left mouse button on the speaker icon in the system tray. First, adjust the overall system volume. The total volume should not exceed 70% in the mixer, and the microphone take up to complete disappearance of the echo.
You can also use a novation sound card function "Suppress echo"some sound cards, this is called "Optimal for agricontrol/IP-telephony".
After using all methods to change the settings of peripheral devices of sound, problems with echom should not appear.
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