Mobile phones are different and not all have good built-in synth, able to produce high quality sound. But if you are the owner of the phone, capable in addition to making calls still nice to play music, you can try to make your phone a small music centre. To connect to the phone column using:1. Audio system for phones.
2. The computer speakers.
3. Music center.
4. TV.
To connect to the phone speakers, made in the form of the pads, just need to buy a sound system for your phone, which will only have to install cell phone. You can turn the music on your phone, you will hear it from the speakers of the audio system.
To connect computer speakers to the phone, insert the cord from the speakers with the 3.5 mm Jack into the headphone Jack located on the phone. If the phone has no 3.5 mm headphone Jack, it must be a special adapter with 3.5 mm Jack to listen to music through headphones. In some models the phone when connected with the columns you want to select the type of the external speaker. In this case you can select the item that indicates the connection of headphones.
To connect the phone to the speakers the music center, you will need a cable with both sides having a 3.5 mm Jack similar to that used in conventional headphones. This cable should be connected from one side to the phone, and on the other to the music center AUX or AUDIO IN. You can turn on the music and enjoy the sound from the speakers the music center.
To listen to music from your phone using TV speakers, you should use the same cable, as in the case of connection to the music center. The steps will be similar. You can turn the music, adjust the optimal volume on both the TV and the phone.