Advice 1: How to make speakers for your phone

Modern phones can easily compete in sound quality with computers, laptops and even compact music centers. All you need is to connect to the phone speakers.
How to make speakers for your phone
Mobile phones are different and not all have good built-in synth, able to produce high quality sound. But if you are the owner of the phone, capable in addition to making calls still nice to play music, you can try to make your phone a small music centre. To connect to the phone column using:1. Audio system for phones.
2. The computer speakers.
3. Music center.
4. TV.
To connect to the phone speakers, made in the form of the pads, just need to buy a sound system for your phone, which will only have to install cell phone. You can turn the music on your phone, you will hear it from the speakers of the audio system.
To connect computer speakers to the phone, insert the cord from the speakers with the 3.5 mm Jack into the headphone Jack located on the phone. If the phone has no 3.5 mm headphone Jack, it must be a special adapter with 3.5 mm Jack to listen to music through headphones. In some models the phone when connected with the columns you want to select the type of the external speaker. In this case you can select the item that indicates the connection of headphones.
To connect the phone to the speakers the music center, you will need a cable with both sides having a 3.5 mm Jack similar to that used in conventional headphones. This cable should be connected from one side to the phone, and on the other to the music center AUX or AUDIO IN. You can turn on the music and enjoy the sound from the speakers the music center.
To listen to music from your phone using TV speakers, you should use the same cable, as in the case of connection to the music center. The steps will be similar. You can turn the music, adjust the optimal volume on both the TV and the phone.

Advice 2 : How to make a case for speakers

When speakers get old, you want to overwrite them. The sound gradually begins to move in a sharp or crackling sound that brings some inconvenience when listening to that particular music track. In the home make a simple enclosure for the speakers.
How to make a case for speakers
You will need
  • Speakers, metallic fine mesh, glue, tool set, scissors, acrylic, organic glass, compass, pencil, sandpaper, a fan, a box of disk.
First disassemble the design of columns.
Make acoustic wire disconnected from the Board using the connectors.
Use templates with which you will be able to cut parts from acrylic. To do this, apply the compasses and pen to future housing had right angles.
The finished wall is undercut.
Undercut organic glass with sandpaper.
Cut a hole for the speaker.
If you decided to work with the fan, and you need the mesh, cut to fit the wall of the housing, as well as screws. Secure the mesh with screws.
For the manufacture of the grille on the fan, use a box from a disk. Cut out its contours and undercut sandpaper.
Cut two grilles for the speakers on the front wall speakers. For this you will need a box from a disk.
Connect with glue, mesh and grid to create a front panel housing.
At the base should make holes for the wires and LEDs (4 pieces).
Glue all parts to the caseand are kindly requested to return all the internal contents of the columns.
Be careful when working with glass and creating patterns. Better prepare a compass and writing materials to all the edges of the future of the housing were smooth.
Useful advice
To get great sound out of the speakers, you need a good case. You can use the sieve as mesh for the front panel.

Advice 3 : How to make audio speakers

Almost everyone likes to listen to music. Everyone has different tastes in music, but all need audio speakers for listening to your favorite music. You can buy equipment in the store. But why spend money on buying expensive equipment if you can with your hands to give a second life to an old column. How do you do it?
How to make audio speakers
You will need
  • plexiglass, wood, plastic, bolts, screws, glue, sealant, the old heater wires, soldering iron.
The first thing you need to check the old heater for proper operation. Carefully examine the wiring. After that we proceed to the analysis of the old building. All wires must be carefully removed from the slots. Try the old building is to disassemble it, but not break, as you can inadvertently damage the wires or Sami speakers. Examine the condition of the wires. If necessary, they should be replaced. In any case, keep your old wires. They need to carefully unsolder, clean place spikes and solder a new one.
Now we need to think about a new housing for your speakers. First and foremost, decide the material from which made the housing. For this purpose, suitable plexiglass, wood, plywood, plastic to you. It all depends on where and in what conditions will be in your column. Of wood the easiest way to do the body, because this material is easily processed. Enclosure plexiglass will look very beautiful and unusual.
Consider the shape of the hull. Make a detailed drawing. From the correctness of the drawing will depend on the success of manufacturing boxes. The less errors and inaccuracies in the drawing, the less damaged material. Fabricate all parts for the hull. Do a first fitting. Check whether they adhere tightly to each other. If everything fits, start the Assembly. When connecting the parts, you can use nails, screws or glue. Collect all the parts except the rear wall of the housing.
Install a speaker in the front wall of the box. Attach it using a sealant to get rid of tiny cracks in the connection. Then carefully lay the wires in the housing. They should not bend and break. They are best mounted inside the housing. The hole through which the wires will be displayed, you need to lay the gasket. Then fasten the housing rear wall and test the done column.
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