There are five groups of admission. Usually, the training and assignment of groups electrotechnological and electrotechnical personnel engaged by the person responsible for the electrical equipment of enterprises and its representatives in the divisions. Employees are required annually to test the knowledge of PTE and PTB. By results of check it is assigned a group of permit and is issued a certificate. If responsible for the electrical equipment in the enterprise there, electricians have to take courses that usually work when Gosenergonadzor. To get the first group, you do not need to attend these courses - enough to listen to the primary instruction on safety in the workplace. You have to understand that electric current is dangerous, and know the rules of first aid to victims.
To obtain a second group of workers without secondary education have not passed special training, you have to work at least two months. Graduates of technical schools and trainees, this group can be assigned immediately. For getting admission you need to:- be trained on electrical safety;
- have a General technical understanding of the work of electrical installations;
- to know the main measures for the safe operation of and be able to provide first aid to victims of electric current. This group is assigned to workers who are theoretically unable to defeat, mostly technical personnel and office workers who sometimes have to go in with distribution Board.
Workers with III group of admission alone have the right to work in the electrical voltage up to 1000 V. Accordingly, they impose serious demands:- know the structure of the installation and be able to serve;
- a clear understanding of the dangers of working in it;
- know the rules of admission to work in such elektroustanovok;
- be able to supervise employees;
- be able to provide first aid to victims of electric shock.
Employees who are assigned to group IV, you must fully understand the structure of the electrical installation to verify the need for measures to ensure security. You need:- fully-know the safety rules when working in electric installations up to 1000V;
- be able to organize the safe conduct of operations and supervision;
to know wiring diagrams and equipment of its section;
- to be able to render first aid and to teach other employees.
The highest requirements apply to employees applying for V group tolerance. You should:- know the methods and equipment of its section;
- know the operating rules and standards, as well as a clear understanding of what explains the requirements that all items of these regulations;
- be able to organize the safe conduct of operations and conduct supervision in electrical installations of any voltage;
- to be able to provide first aid and to teach this to other employees.
If you move to another job with the same equipment and process conditions, to obtain a re-admission is not necessary. However, in the case of interruption for more than 6 months you will have to prove their knowledge of electrical safety, to gain admission. Workers with any group that overstayed their license or have not passed the knowledge tests are considered to have a I group.