Complete training courses for security guards with state license. In Saint-Petersburg the training of guards is carried out, for example, private training centers, and educational institutions, like "Vityaz", "Sunrise", "Parallel", "Rus" or school of detectives and security guards "elephant". You can appeal to the state educational-methodological centres that provide the training for the FSB or the interior Ministry.
Upon completion of training, pass a qualifying exam. Before his passing, imagine the qualification Commission:
- passport;
- the conclusion about a state of health that do not impede the performance of duties of the security guardissued by a medical institution having a license for such examination;
- certificate of completion of training (a certified copy of the original.
The exam usually consists of two parts: theoretical and practical.
In accordance with the result of the exam, will receive a copy of the decision of the Commission and the certificate on assignment of qualification category to you.
If you got 4 posts, in the future you will be able to carry out security activities only by using special means (for example, the surveillance object).
If you have been given the 5th rank, then in the future you will be able to use for suppression of encroachments on the protected object you just self-defense weapons (gas sprays and guns, stun devices).
If you got the 6th rank, it means that you are allowed to use all kinds of weapons, including firearms and service.
Imagine the Department for licensing and control of private detective and security activity of Department of internal Affairs of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region the following documents:
- the application form;
- passport (certified copy);
- the decision of the qualification Commission on assigning you a grade;
- medical examination;
- certificate of completion of training courses (certified copy);
- the work book (certified copy);
the commitment that you are warned about the impossibility of combining conservation and other activities;
- fingerprint card;
receipt about payment of state duty.
Get license for security activity in this division, ATC.