You will need
  • - the contract;
  • - documents of the employee.
If you need to take a temporary employee to perform seasonal or one-off work and such employee is not specified in the state you have the right to conclude any of these types of contract.
In accordance with article 59 of the Labor code, the temporary contract can be signed with any category of staff, if you understand this article in a literal sense, it means that freelance and temporary workers can be issued for this type of contract.
The registration of any contract you'll need to read the documents adopted employeewith the qualifications necessary to perform the assigned work. Fixed-term employment contract may be concluded for a period from two months to 5 years. The employment relationship shall expire upon the expiry of the period specified in the instrument or to complete the assigned scope of work.
Make a contract in two copies indicating all the work conditions, payment period, terms of payment for the charged amount of the trusted work. The contract is a bilateral agreement, sign it, have the employer and adopted in temporary work employee.
Another version of the design as a freelance employee , is the conclusion of the contract or a civil contract. At the conclusion of a bilateral contract, specify all terms of work, time, amount charged, amount of remuneration and the payment periods.
Exactly the same is a civil contract. As the state units adopt the employee is not, therefore, with the staffing of a particular type of work you introduce can't. Therefore, all the conditions must be detailed on the points specified in the executed agreement.
Any freelance employee you can take on the staff, if there are free places. In this case, you should issue an employment contract indefinitely.