Licensing the private security industry is regulated by the Federal laws of the Russian Federation and Decisions of the Government, determining that the validity period of the license guard is limited to five years and after this period the document is to be extended (may be extended an unlimited number of times). The license shall be issued only to employees of security companies the place of residence or registration of the company.
If necessary, the extension of identity guard contact organization licenses and permits of control over private detective and security activity ATC region at the place of residence or the place of storage of accounts of the case of a private security company. License renewal is done after training according to the training program private security guards.
To apply for a license renewal need not later than 30 days before the expiration of the current license.
When applying for a license renewal, submit the following documents:
- the application form of established sample;
- the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation (copy);
- current guard card (copy);
- medical certificate according to the form established by the Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation, issued not more than 1 year ago (form f-046);
- the document on passage of training under the program of advanced training of private security guards and the exam (copy);
- 2 photos of 4x6;
receipt about payment of state duty for renewal of the certificate in connection with its extension.
All copies must be certified by the Director or by a notary.
In applying for the renewal of the license of the guard, carry the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation and a valid license.
5-7 working days after submission of documents for renewal of license please contact the licensing authority for obtaining the extended license.