Advice 1: How to apply for an internship

Many companies implement internship programs. They are designed to help young professionals in the beginning of her career. Future workers gain practical experience and necessary skills in the interest of their profession. But at the same time check whether it fits this specialty. So how do you make an internship right?
How to apply for an internship
Training definitely need to be documented. Before graduation, the school is an urgent employment or apprenticeship contract, a corresponding entry is entered in the work book. If the employer concludes with an Intern term employment contract in the labour book Intern an entry on employment.
The next step in the design of the internship is the design of the order (order), issued on the basis of an employment contract. The order on hiring must comply with the inmate labor contract.
Ideally, the internship should be paid, however, not all organizations can afford it. In this regard, many believe that the internship programme is a method of using cheap labour of young professionals or students. However, in accordance with the law, if the Intern is employed, it staffing set wages. The remuneration of the trainee is determined in accordance with his employment function.
If the trainee is not ready – it is a violation of applicable labor laws of our country.

If not concluded employment, and student contract, the trainee shall be paid stipend. The size of the scholarship depends on the specialty, profession, qualification level, but may not be less than the minimum wage.
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The performance of certain activities associated with the internship and the teaching profession, and will be the basis for a labor contract was concluded. The worker works and learns at the same time. Staffing is also specified profession and the fact that it performs an Intern.

The procedure of registration of internships for young professionals - a rather difficult but necessary process that requires a certain cost. However, guided by the applicable laws of the Russian Federation in this area, every employer can avoid significant errors, which sometimes arise great difficulties and this leads to rather sad consequences.

Advice 2 : How to conduct training

When something has to take the first steps in the profession, to change their specialization or place of work. No matter how good a technician you are, a new job always requires additional attention, knowledge. It is in order to make it easier to adapt to the new environment, to gain additional knowledge in the profession there is a stage in your career as training.
How to conduct training
Training is not training, and work, which aim is the acquisition of necessary safety skills for a certain profession. It can be carried out in different occasions differs in duration and content.
Internship in the workplace at prima to work, transfer to another job or to another unit

After conducting a newly adopted or transferred to the employee's primary instructing on a workplace, should training. Its purpose is the acquisition of new recruit basic safe methods of work study schemes of passes to him and others Responsible for training appointed by the head of the management area from among experienced workers (experience; it cannot be less than 3 years).

The duration of the internship depends on the profession, which was adopted or transferred employee. Often 3 shifts, but for complex, hazardous occupations, the duration may be extended up to 10 shifts. Typically, this is specified in the regulations on labour safety, which must necessarily be developed and approved at the enterprise established procedures.

The results of the internship are recorded in the journal briefings on labor protection in the workplace. Head of internship reports for every day work stairwell. In the column "content of training" he writes the kinds of work performed by the employee during the shift. At the end of the probation period the employee is permitted to initial test of knowledge on labor protection.
An example of an entry in the journal
Internship as a training before appointment or inclusion in the reserve for managerial positions

Training can be conducted either on your premises or on another base, including overseas. For the internship issued an order, if necessary, are documented on a business trip.

The head of the enterprise which is training of the worker, is obliged to appoint the head of the internship and approval of the plan. Its duration cannot be less than 2 weeks.

According to the results issued feature-opinion, which shall include recommendations on further use of a specialist. For example, his candidacy may be recommended for appointment to a higher position, for inclusion in the reserve.
Example specifications-review
Internship program for young professionals and students

The organization of such training may be initiated by the enterprise, academic institution, regional Center of employment. About the internship is the entry in the service record, the certificate. According to her results, the young specialist may be offered a vacant position in the company where he interned.
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Internship for inclusion in the reserve for Executive positions can be combined with a period of duty for her during the non-regular worker (e.g. a holiday period).

Advice 3 : How to apply for an internship to work

In education students are sent on internship in the company. Some colleges provided an independent search and selection firm, where the trainee will be able to gain practical skills. When placing students for the position refer to Chapter 32 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation. Features of the conclusion of labour relations depend on the contract drawn up with the student.
How to apply for an internship to work
You will need
  • - The labour code of the Russian Federation;
  • documents trainee;
  • - direction;
  • - forms of orders (form T-1);
  • - the form of the personal card;
  • - form of employment record.
Training in enterprises is of great importance for students. It provides skills training and payment for their work. At the Institute, as a rule, issued direction to the internship (the practice). The document States the name of the organization where the student will have the opportunity to perform duties.
Accept the student's statement of work. The document prescribes the request of labor relations, and the name of the position indicated like this: "Intern – assistant electrician". In some cases, the student is accepted by the student, if the relevant contract.
To sign the agreement with the Intern. Use the blank model forms. You are entitled to conclude a fixed-term or apprenticeship contract. When preparing a fixed term contract install Intern salary in accordance with the remuneration set out in current on the firm staffing. When a student's contract, the job functions need to pay in an amount not less than the minimum wage work, which is enshrined in the acts of the regional government.
Make a order. When fixed-term employment contract, make the order using a form T-1. In the case of an apprenticeship contract, make the order work. This is enshrined in Chapter 32 of the labour code. Become familiar with regulatory document of the Intern, sign the order signed by the head.
Get the trainee's personal ID card. For a fixed-term employment contract, make an entry in the work book student by filling up a blank document. If the student's agreement to record on training is not necessary. It is enshrined in legislation.
In some cases, it is the student's agreement with labor. This is one of the forms of relationship with the employer, when the work is recorded in the workbook. This work pays in the amount that is set for the position of staffing.
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