You will need
  • computer;
  • - programmer;
  • - clean the SIM card;
  • - Woron_scan 1.09;
  • - IC-Prog 1.05 D;
  • Sim-Emu 6.01.
Insert the SIM card into the phone and remove pin code request when switching on the phone. Then pull it out and insert it into the programmer. Connect it to your PC. Run the setup application to copy the SIMcard. Run Woron_scan 1.09, select the type of device from Card Reader Phoenix Card, then install the port and the oscillator frequency menu Setting.
Then go back to application main menu, click Ki, then in the window that appears, click the Start button. After scanning the card , exit the program, save the result to a file. Open it with Notepad, find the IMSI and KI.
Run the program IC-Prog 1.05 D to copy the SIM card. Go to menu "Settings", select "Programmer", set the default value is the JDM Programmer. In the field "Delay I/o" install 30. Click "OK". Then go to "Options", uncheck "Verify after programming", select the "Verify while programming".
Then restart the app. Go to menu "Settings", select the check box Smartcart (Phoenix). Then go to menu "File", item "Open". Select the file with the name SIM_EMU_FL_6.01_ENG.hex. Put the programmer in JDM mode, all settings switch PROGRAM the PIC. Select the type of chip and click 'Program'.
Press F4. Put the programmer in Phoenix mode, install the following provisions: for SIM CLOCK 3.579 MHz for SIM RESET HIGH RESET SIM DATA in the position of the SIM READER. Select the program type of the chip. Then insert a blank card in the programmer, open the file SIM_EMU_EP_6.01.hex, press "Programming".
Wait until the process is complete, then set up a clone card. Insert the card into your phone, connect it to the computer, run Sim-Emu 6.01. Enter IMSI and KI codes the Configure menu, point Config.Pos.