You will need
  • Telephone, Internet.
Before you restore the lost SIM card should the old SIM-card to block, so that it was impossible to make calls. Locking and restoring of the SIM card is handled by your mobile operator absolutely free. We can consider the procedure of getting a new SIM card for example mobile operator MTS.
To lock SIM card you can use the following methods:
- using the Internet-assistant – online assistant you need to enter your number and password to access the Internet in your room. After entering these values, press the "Enter" button. On the page click the link "sim Lock";
- call our contact center – the contact center operator will answer all your questions that relate not only to lock the SIM card, but all customer service. To connect with the contact center, you must dial the number 0890, or +7 495 766 0166. If the call is made with SIM cards MTS, the call will be absolutely free. You can apply for blocking SIM card by sending an email to company email address (;
- personal visit salon-shop of MTS in your city – you can just walk to the shop, where a specialist will tell you that you need to do in a particular situation.
After the procedure, locking SIM card, order a service recovery SIM card. This can be done in store or order a SIM card in your city. The restoration shop will be free and shipping cards, depending on the chosen tariff, can cost money. To order a delivery card, you must on the website for MTS to fill in the order form of delivery of the SIM card. There are 3 rate of delivery of the SIM card:
- economy shipping – totally free service;
- expedited shipping – 100 roubles;
- Express delivery – the amount of 200 rubles.