You will need
  • tray;
  • filler for cat litter.
First of all, you need to arrange a toilet for cat, you need to place in a very secluded place of the apartment where the animal will not be disturbed. For this purpose, suitable bathroom, toilet, insulated balcony or loggia. As cats are well suited plastic tray with sides, to a depth no lower than 10 centimeters, or a special house-the toilet. High sides of the tray will allow your cat to dig into it, but the filler is not to throw beyond. Cat house-the toilet has one additional advantage – a special filter on the lid that clean the air after the cat went to the toilet. The tray must be stable, large enough that your pet was able to stick around, to dig, to choose suitable place for him. Then to accustom an adult cat to the tray will be much easier.
котенок не ходит в горшок
It is not recommended to use the tray with the grid, as in this case, an unpleasant odor will spread rapidly through the apartment, the tray would have to immediately wash. To accustom an adult cat to the tray with netting will be much harder. Cats always try to bury the results of their "labors", which is why the tray should be filled with special filler. Quality cat litter composed of natural ingredients that quickly absorb moisture and prevent odour and bacteria. Take care of this toilet much easier and more pleasant as filler granules easily absorb moisture and clump together into a ball. A lump of filler you just remove and throw, burying the new pellets.
как быстро приручить котенка
If an adult cat has started to spoil in the wrong place, persistently avoiding the tray, in this case, you should contact your veterinarian. Sometimes this behavior indicates health problems. Very often animals thus attract your attention to their problem.
приучить кота к туалету
Sometimes, an adult cat just begins to mark its territory. In this case, will only castration or sterilization of your pet. The places that the cat has already marked, can be treated with a mixture of ammonia and lemon juice. The smell will quickly subside, but the cat will long to feel it, and bypass these seats by party.