You will need
  • repellent for cats, duct tape, cardboard, barbed items, tray, cat litter
Check out why the cat rejects the tray to which you are accustomed. Let's see if he is too close to the bowl of food – after all, such clean animals, like cats, never eat where you go to the bathroom. Change the litter in the litter tray as often as possible. If you are constantly not at home, put the animal one tray, and then among such a choice it will be able to choose for themselves a suitable place.
что делать если кошка ест цветы шотланские
Next is to wean a cat from a pot of flowers. Make sure that she was uncomfortable to get into a flower pot and begin to dig the loose soil there. Try to land close to the cardboard or heavy paper on top of it, you can stick double-sided sticky tape. When the cat sticks to it, it is unlikely that she will still have to go to a more convenient place. Paper with adhesive tape do not remove too quickly, hold it 10-14 days. You can also sprinkle the ground piercing objects or plants that the animal was afraid to get into the pot and damage the pads.
как защетить цветок от кошки
Do not leave the cat in the room where there are pots of flowers, one. Let the animal into the room, only if you can constantly watch him. If you see that the cat gets into the pot, then immediately punish her, for example, spray it with water, prekretnica at her, gently pop the folded paper and then take to the tray.
Как отучить кота метить территорию
A good tool may be specifically sold in a store for animal repeller for cats. It looks like a spray that you spray in places where you wouldn't want to see your pet. But not worth splashing a chemical on the flowers themselves, as it can damage them. Spray 2-3 times a day next to the pot.
средство от котов чтобы не гадили в подъезде