Buy the tray and kitty litter. Can replace the filler torn paper. Further, when the kitten learns to walk in the tray, make sure there was always dry. Cats are clean animals and a dirty tray will not go, and the smell in the apartment due to a rare of change of litter will not be pleasant.
как приучить кошку к лотку с сеткой
If you notice that the kitten fusses and looks for a secluded area, take it in the tray and strictly explain that going to the toilet need to be here and nowhere else. The view that animals do not understand people wrongly. In fact, they easily catch the intonation and meaning. If you nabludaet for the baby and often to talk to him, you will see this repeatedly.
как преручить котенка в латок
When the incident already happened and nothing you can't fix, a little scold furry dirty dog and re-send it to the tray. Some people recommend to stick his nose in the place where occurred the accident, but it is wrong. Max, what you need to do is just to show what he had done and where the next time you need to go to the toilet.
как отучить кошку мочиться на ковер
Periodically drive a kitten on a tour to get acquainted with pan, whenever possible, remind your kid where he needs to do his business. Well, the carpets will have the first time to clean, because nothing can be done. Some kittens catch what is required of them, the first time and no problem.
запах кошки как избавиться