You will need
  • Computer, speakers, basic skills for setting a computer
First, look at the volume level of the main indicator of the sound. It is located in the lower right corner of the screen, and its icon looks like a small speaker. The slider of the volume level should be set to maximum. If you like this volume level can stop.
If the volume of speakers inadequate, even when the slider adjustment is in the upper position, use the advanced menu to control the sound. To do this in "control Panel" select "sounds and audio devices". Select the submenu "Volume" and click "Advanced". A window will appear with several scales. Install the slider "Sound" in the up position and check the position of the slider of the scale "the General". If you have completed the first step, it must also be at the top, if not, move the slider up.
More versatile tools raise the volume there. However, many manufacturers supply their soundcards device specific software, which often comes with equalizer. If such a program exists, run it from the programs list of the start menu. In the equalizer raise the sound level for all frequencies. However, this method of raising the volume adversely affects the quality of the sound, and they should use sparingly.