The safest option that does not require intervention in the firmware and the factory settings of the phone is changing the volume directly audio track you want to listen on your phone. Ways that affect the engineering menu, dangerous because it can cause damage as firmware and dynamics of the cellular phone.
If multiple tracks, you can use a tool like Mp3Gain. It is free. Find and download it online. After installation, add artboard tracks that you want to edit. Select the volume to which you want to raise the initial level of sound. Be careful and don't put the value directly to the maximum selected frequency can be lubricated. This program is useful because it allows you with one click process multiple files at once. Bad thing is that it is difficult to assess the level at which you need to raise the sound.
For single tracks is the most preferred treatment would be to use Adobe Audition or Sony Sound Forge 2. The data editors have functionality sufficient for high-quality processing of the track. Download and install one of these editors.
Run the program, then drag the file for editing in the workspace. Wait for the download of the track, and then scroll to it throughout its length. Use the effect of "increase volume", periodically testing the result is harmony. After optimal volume, normalize the track. To adapt tunes under the bell you can also use the graphic equalizer. Minimize low-frequency, parallel reinforcing high. Speaker mobile phone is not adapted for reproduction of low frequencies, as well as by increasing the volume of the track evenly and increase low and high frequencies, there is a need to reduce the low frequency sound after the increase in the total volume of the melody.