All the food in this diet should be mashed, chopped in the blender or finely chopped. The meals preferably exercise to 5-6 times a day, small portions. Food should be cook or cook for a couple, it is advisable to add bran and vegetables to avoid constipation. The variety of bread used should be higher, but you can also first. Also banned biscuits-crackers or bread.

Broth from fish, meat and mushrooms should be low-fat with the addition of eggs. It is possible to cook soup with vegetables and cereals. Second, you can prepare a dish from meat of pork, beef, poultry or fish, but it should not contain a lot of fat. It is allowed to cut into thin slices or promolot grinder. The scales and skin the fish, remove and cook the meatballs, meatballs, meatballs or just cut into small pieces.

Fresh dairy products with low fat content allowed: milk, cream, yogurt, cottage cheese. It is also possible, and whole milk. Hard-boiled egg is not worth it. They make delicious omelettes for a couple. From cereals to cook well various liquid porridge where you can add milk or broth, but initially cereals should be wiped.

Vegetables such as: tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, or zucchini, are also not excluded from the daily diet. From fruits and berries is recommended to prepare compotes and jellies. But it is best to consume them in their raw form, initially rubbing on a grater or chopped in a blender. Thus all useful substances and vitamins. Fruit drinks and juice is definitely diluted with water.

As for tea and coffee, they should be rather weak. In these drinks it is advisable to add honey, lemon, sugar and even milk.

Strictly prohibited any pastry, and dishes of cabbage and beans, because they cause bloating and fermentation. You need to avoid any canned food and fast food. From cereals is not recommended to eat barley, barley, corn and millet. Onions, garlic, radishes are the vegetables that should not be included in the diet and eaten them not worth it.