You will need
  • Internet browser and Windows Explorer (My computer).
If you have downloaded the archive, and he changed the extension on .htm or the .txt, its discovery is possible only through the program-archiver (WinRar). There is also another way to open these files, replacing the extension.

To do this, open Explorer (My computer)" next menu "Tools" - then select "folder options". In the newly opened window go to the tab "file Types". Click "Advanced". This opens another window, select "Always show extension", click "OK".
How to change the file permission
After these actions, all file names will be displayed in the extension point (NoName.htm). To change the file extension. Click on file right click - Rename, and replace the desired extension. The same action can be performed intermittently if you tap on the name of the file 2 times or press "F2". After these steps, a dialog box will appear that tells you that "After changing the extension the file may become...". Click "Yes" if you agree, otherwise, press "No".
How to change the file permission
Be careful in changing the file extension, because you can mistakenly replace the extension from the system files that will lead to undesirable consequences in the work of your operating system. Replacement extension audio or video files will lead to neurobiochemistry these files. To convert this type of files, use specialized programs.