At the present time, there are several fashionable prints that occupy the top of the popular charts:

Floral print

For the past three years is the top of the pedestal and, apparently, is not going to give way to other alternative options. Product floral great fit as the classic style, and everyday casual. Therefore, we can assume such a universal form. The last two seasons fashionable blend pants with floral print, and the top selected solid, as a rule, neutral colours.


Plaid ornament has caught the fancy of fashionistas and is used in everyday life and for evening wear. It should be noted that it is very profitable this print looks on the dress, as it adds personality and creative touch.

Acid colors

Previously enjoyed popularity in the mid-nineties and again in the leading position. The most common colors that are used in creating fashion trends: pink, yellow, orange and blue.

Sequin embroidery, beads and sequins

This was fashionable back in the eighties, when almost all countries popular trend was disco music. Now this fashion has returned in the guise of clothes and accessories. In 2010, many fashion houses began to produce shoes, adorned with beads.

It is likely that this list will be supplemented, as fashion designers never stop on the achieved results. Therefore, one should not exclude the possibility that in Vogue again includes cartoon prints or another type. As a rule, the prints distributed to all of the attributes of clothing and accessories. Bags are no exception. In order not to disrupt the color proportion is pretty neat to beat colors.