Advice 1: Shorts in summer 2016

Very soon the summer, and every lady should think about a proper choice of things. In the hot season the young girls wear shorts every day. Designers made a huge number of different models of shorts.
Shorts in summer 2016

Confidence, sophistication and great taste is the fundamental rule to the new perfection of the original outfits. If you want to look stunning this summer and demonstrate the slender legs, it is necessary to buy in the store two or three pairs of beautiful shorts. But to make a decent choice, it is best to rely on the opinion of the designer, professionals are always better know their stuff.

Business dress remains at the peak of popularity of the fairer sex. These things are found almost always strict zone. This season, designers present us the straps in large quantity. Also, in some styles of shorts are double straps. Massive pockets, in the current summer season, but remember that it is a decorative item and it is not necessary to fill it with this nonsense!

Knitted clothing should be given the most attention. In the hot season favorite will be all the lighter shades of clothing and especially beige and milky. They never look better in Sunny season and perfectly accentuate a tan.

Denim style is the most popular and every year it enjoys wide popularity. In 2016, denim things look great with beaded, embroidered designs.

Advice 2 : Women's shorts trends summer 2016

Shorts for women is one of the most important items of clothing. Because this thing emphasizes the beauty and harmony of a perfect female legs. They want a woman who loves herself, watching appearance and figure. What shorts will be the most stylish and relevant in 2016?
Women's shorts trends summer 2016


Denim this season is one of the most fashionable and sought-after materials in women's fashion world, as they say all the most famous designers of our planet. Today shorts of jeans material, you can find just a huge number. They come in different colors, from the lightest, almost white, to the darkest shades of dark blue and black colors. There is also a lot of various styles and length, and method of decorating. Therefore, these shorts are the most common and popular today!


Long shorts end a little above, and then on the knee. These shorts this season will be quite fashionable and popular. They will help women with curvaceous to hide their shortcomings in the form and visually make legs longer, straighter and slimmer. The most fashionable shorts from this point with vivid and unusual images!

Short shorts

Mini-shorts are the complete opposite of the previous paragraph. And, as is already clear, those shorts are advised to wear slender, fragile girl of small stature, to emphasize their small size and visually lengthen short thin legs. The most fashionable shorts of these models — colored, of different colors, the taste of their owner.


The style called "retro" with each passing year accumulates more tremendous popularity. This applies now not only to shorts, but to other types of clothing, for example: spectacles, swimwear, skirts, dresses, jeans, shoes and all kinds of things. This list could go on forever. But now we are talking about shorts. So, what are these shorts in the style of "retro"? These shorts have to be high-waisted, emphasizing the harmony of this body part at the hostess clothes. A mandatory feature of this style is rather unusual print, most often, these prints are small, bright flowers on a dark background.

Shorts - a very important thing. And every girl needs to be at least two models of this clothes and even more! Shorts will help to hide all the flaws in the figure and show its advantages.

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