Glasses and shoes

Cat eyes, aviators, and round-the classics - the actual forms of points this season. The color should be chosen based on face shape, at the height of fashion now large glasses of white color, tiger color or with flowers, transition smoothly from her temple on the glass. Glasses can also be colored, preferably in yellow. Shoes and dresses are available in pastel colours, but also about the red on and red shades of the spectrum, designers have not forgotten. In addition, in this season in shoes are observed interesting shapes and styles: retro style, beveled heel, translucent sole and trim of shiny buttons. Except for shoes, also do not forget about sandals, summer boots lace and trendy cowboy boots.


As a rule, no fashionista is complete without it. Brooches, bracelets, watch and rings are there in the Arsenal of every the fair sex. What to adopt this spring? Designers offer quite a wide range of styles. Quite often on the catwalks flashed chokers. It's necklaces, chains or strips of fabric tight to the neck. In the late 90-ies of the last century was mega popular chokers of velvet or suede with a small necklace. Today they can be made of anything, least of colored wire, just the image was complete and harmonious.

Unusual, but impressive look earrings in different size, length and even style. A spectacular chain of beads in one ear and a thin ring at the other - like today's fashionable head. Sometimes the differences are very highly salient, and sometimes barely noticeable. About the same is the tendency to "forget" one earring. Many trendsetters have adopted "single" earrings and very successful in using this chips.

Little flowers-carnations recede into the past, giving way to massive ornaments in the form of animals, fruits or flowers. Earrings in the form of parrots, covering half of the ear or suspended in the lobes Flirty lemons, favorably emphasize the beauty of the female neck. And on the very neck of the designers boldly wear necklaces, and necklaces of the same motives, and earrings.