A combination of incongruous

Spring mood leading designers of the world brought to the podium models in romantic long skirts and "flying" dresses. Very feminine, very beautiful. Maiden fragility this way will give a rough jacket or baggy sweater. Colors of fabric are appropriate - no "sharp eye" of bright colors, pastel colors and natural shades.

Dress with pleated full skirt can be emphasized with a leather belt with lace trim. Yes, it is lace and leather or suede - a trend of the season. A combination of incongruous materials, coarseness and tenderness, subtlety and strength is designed to create this spring look is perfect for girls - spring. No matter, how old is this girl and what her weight. In the spring all look exquisitely romantic.

Bags and belts

On a woolen sweater or waistcoat of coarse yarn will look great gems, beads or beads. Suede handbag you can stick pieces of mother of pearl or sew buttons of the same material. Speaking of handbags, small exquisite bags, purses, fade into the background, giving way to volumetric utilitarian bags and backpacks. This bag can create the right contrast with the delicate dress if the rough vest unacceptable.

Belt change too, depending on figure type. Decorate the waist thin "female figurines" are called wide leather belt, no matter glossy or matte, decorated with rhinestones and sequins or embroidered delicate thread, will fit all. For ladies plus size in the time thin straps with minimal decorations or none at all.

Gaining popularity is the combination of retro style. Even when it looks the whole fashion way, and some detail. In combination with the spring romance look bad, cowboy boots and jewelry in ethnic style.

In short, no fashionista without new clothes will not remain, this year, just not things that don't fit anyone. Rich imagination fashion designers were able to satisfy the desire all at once and each individually, therefore we can with certainty make room in the closet for new things and happily view the spring catalogs.