Leather dresses occupy a leading position in the courage. A similar style can wear not every fashionista, but daring once, a girl will leave a beneficial impression and stand out from the crowd. Restrictions in colors, the main thing is creative approach to creating a bold image. Just do not forget that leather dresses aren't made for offices.

Fashion model underwear style. This style is more quiet and suitable for romantic and sensitive natures, and rich color palette will allow you to create the image, which is necessary to every fashionista.

It would seem that fur trim dresses have long gone in the past century. However, modern designers decided to bring back this trend and created a few collections with fur clearance dresses, most often at the collar. These dresses are perfect for creating formal and elegant image.

Floral prints are not spared and dresses. The fashion shows have been demonstrated with many options for floral prints so every woman can find something like it to her and create an image for a date or a shopping trip.

Red color was seen on the runway of almost every kind of clothes. Such bold colors can help create a bold and romantic way, it all depends on the tone and events. However, choosing the crimson model, you can be confident that the image will be on top. And for fans of cocktail style we can offer dresses with metallic and silver accents, which also became the hit of the fashion shows of several fashion houses. They were presented in different cuts and lengths, so for any occasion you can find a suitable instance.

The romantic style has not lost its relevance in terms of dresses. Delicate colors and special cut will help create the perfect look for a first date or a friendly hike in the cafe.

And for those who like to stand out from the crowd, you can offer the option of lace dresses, which are part of the Gothic or vintage images. They will allow ladies to stand out from the crowd and show their individuality.

For every girl there is a dress for the soul, because the selection from the collections of 2016 is really amazing.