One of the main fashion trends of summer fashion are the naked shoulders. Open beautiful shoulders, you can decorate a bustier dress, which for years never ceases flickering on the fashion catwalks. It is possible to choose a more modest option and expose only the part with cutouts on the sleeves. These clothes represented not deep neckline. Designers offer not just bare shoulders.

One of fashion summer, were rounded jackets. And in General, all summer fashion focuses on the top of the garment. For the latest styles jackets characterized by a high waist, straight cut and rounded shoulder line. Remain fashionable lightweight summer dresses to the floor. Designers their model was adorned with plain prints, in relation to color, welcome fresh shades. This summer, become relevant deep and wide incisions. Looking at these models there is a feeling as if the clothes just casually cut with a knife. The plunging neckline was no exception for blouses and dresses. Strange is considered to be another fashion trend is to wear underwear on top of the main clothes. Many world famous designers have demonstrated such a novelty in her shows.

An intriguing trend that leaves alone of many critics is the clothes hanging laces. We are talking about all types of things. Almost every fashion house has a collection, where the outfits are made of fine material of black colour, or of a dense material, but with cutouts. This performance relates primarily to dresses, overalls, suits. Sleeve puff unusual fashion trend summer fashion 2016. This year, these sleeves are at the wrist.

Fashion outfits, crochet, will never leave fashion hit parade. The main color preferences of the majority of designers have shades of red and blue is not always the underwear matches the color of the main outfit. This summer special relevance will become fashionable outfits, made in Indian style. Tops made in this style, often reminiscent of the bras. Sometimes they can be worn over blouses.

A lateral incision is also a fashionable trend in summer fashion, it perfectly emphasizes the beauty of female legs.