This accessory is the most popular in this season, thousands of fashionistas do not see their way without it. Chalker allows you to mix several styles, bringing boldness to the image. Materials from which is born this type of jewelry, we have a huge variety of: leather, beads, metals, lace, and many others. Chokers have many forms and variations, from the usual casually tied ribbons to the loaded necklace.

The asymmetric ear-ornament

This trend has immense power, easily reflects the latest fashion trends, faster and faster moving towards the first line of fashionable tops. Such accessories now combined not only different form, but totally different styles, leaving only a few similar items. Also in fashion wearing only one earring, but massive and seen from a distance.

Flowers and fruits

These formats always haunted the imagination of designers, and this season, there is a special trend of the growing popularity of displaying fruit and flowers to clothes and accessories. This year this popularity after the clothing was picked up earrings, pendants, rings and other jewelry.

African American fashion

Large jewelry in the style of African-American tribes conquer the catwalks and shelves of leading stores. Imitation ivory, leather cords, colored threads and other accessories in this direction has gained thousands of enthusiastic fashionistas.


For some time, the fashion world has forgotten about the brooch, however, they returned, slightly changing its classic view of the outrageous. A pair of pins fixed on the collar of a shirt, has not lost its popularity, but this season they get more fans. Sets of various brooches and badges are used in many images.

Be bold, take risks, use that give us designers, as stylish solutions in the image give you the unpredictability and originality in the eyes of the fans.