1. First we need to assess the profitability of the sale. The Internet will help to know the average market price for a specific car model, given its equipment and the presence of defects. Sometimes the car may be of interest to collectors, which will greatly facilitate the sale. If the car is more like a pile of metal, it would be wise to take it for disposal.

2. The car needs to retire. After buying a car the new owner should have no problems. Legally clean transaction will be able to attract more buyers. If the vehicle is not on the move, and he doesn't help on the technical inspection or insurance certificate, then get to the traffic police will assist the wrecker, or any volunteer who will deliver the car to your destination in tow.

3. To place an ad to sell a car will suit a variety of channels of interaction with customers. It may be different auctions on the Internet, ads or forums. You can place an ad in a newspaper or magazine, because these sources of information are still quite popular. If the car model refers to retro classics, you can post on the forum for lovers of vintage cars. When a buyer is found, the transaction can be issued independently, it is necessary to draw up a model contract for the sale of a car in handwritten form.

4. If the car is not in demand among ordinary people, it is possible to examine deals from different dealers. Today, many dealers buy old cars, taking its cost into account subsequent purchase. This option is ideal for those who are planning to buy a new car.

5. If the car is stripped, you might consider selling individual parts. Such a thing is possible to trust avtorazborka or do it yourself.

6. If the previous tips did not help find buyers, the only way is to return the car for scrap. Naturally, this will not bring big profits, but rather may incur additional costs, for example, to deliver a car to the point of reception of metal. But sometimes it is the only way to get rid of the car. Besides, it would be better for the environment.