If your old car in pretty good condition, you can go to the dealership. Now often the practice of reception of old cars from the public, and then, after independent examination and assessment of the condition of the car, replace it with a new one with the missing charge. The advantage of this method is that your new car will be under warranty. If you break something, you can easily contact the service center . If your case recognize the warranty, you will repair the car for free. Minus one, but significant enough. Often it turns out that your car is cheaper than you believed. Therefore, the amount of this fee will be high.
If your car is in bad condition, you can participate in the recycling program offered by the government. In connection with the popularity, the timing of the completion of this action was postponed to 2012. The gist of it is that you give your old car that no one would be able to save a lot of money on recycling. For this you give a certificate for a certain amount of money - 50 thousand roubles. To spend only for the purchase of the machine from the list of programs. So you not only get money but also support the domestic automotive industry.
If you know that your car has problems, but it's not so bad to put it under the press, you can place an ad on the Internet or put it on a car flea market with a corresponding mark on the glass on the exchange to the new surcharge. There are many sites specializing in the purchase, sale or exchange of machinery and such ads are popular. It would be better if in his message on the website you will be honest with a future buyer and honestly will tell you not only about advantages but also about the shortcomings of the machine.