Advice 1: How to donate a car wreck

If you have more than a year am the happy owner of the car, released from the conveyor prior to 1999, inclusive, then you have a chance to take the car to the scrap. This gives you the right to buy a new car of domestic production by fifty thousand rubles cheaper than its retail value, which is a powerful argument. The manipulation of documents and the old car will take you just one day, and then have to wait another week to review the documents your old car accepted in the scrap, and the new car is almost in your garage.
How to donate a car wreck
You will need
  • - computer with Internet access
  • printer
  • phone
To start is still to decide what you will change your old swallow. Decide on the brand and model. The choice was quite large, after many foreign manufacturers have begun to place on the territory of the Russian Federation, their production capacity and to assemble cars in Russia. A full list of models can be found on the website of the Ministry of industry and trade. From there you should download and print the approved form of a certificate of disposal.
Go to the dealer. Do not forget the house you previously printed form of certificate of recycling, as well as your old car. For reasons of economy, it is best to go to the dealership directly at it, but if your machine is a journey not overpower due to age or objective insecurity of this trip, you will have to spend money on towing services.
From a dealer you will need to write a power of attorney to representatives of the show could remove your car from the register and return it in the recycling, and to sign a contract that will oblige the dealer to not only properly to carry out the disposal procedure, but also keep your caruntil it is needed. Unfortunately, this is not a free service: you will have to part with about three thousand rubles. But agree that compared to saving your time, energy and nerves, this amount is extremely low.
Choose your new car! The most enjoyable part of the whole procedure, agree.
Agree with the dealer and reserve your new carwhich you collect from the showroom when your old car will be disposed of,and you will receive a certificate.

Advice 2 : How to remove a car from the register to the scrap

Renting cars in the scrap requires a special procedure that is carried out in Interdistrict registration-examination Department (MREO) at the place of registration. To demonstrate the vehicle inspectors you do not need. Enough to write a statement for recycling. Some difficulties arise in the absence of documents on the car, but they can be solved.
How to remove a car from the register to the scrap
You will need
  • Registration, personal passport of the owner of the car, numbers, copies of receipt of payment of the transport fee.
Operation for removal of vehicle from the account in the scrap is held at the place of registration of the vehicle. To remove the car from the account in the scrap, you need to go to the DMV and ask for a statement for recycling in the primary box of paperwork. This statement, after submission of relevant documents on the car is filled with the sample directly in MREO.
If you do not have the state sign on the car need to inform the inspector about the loss of one or two state signs, and then graph the statements made by applicant" and "Gosznak (and)" you should see the entry "lost."
On the reverse side of the application you write an explanatory text similar to the following: "I, Kowalski, Ivan Petrovich, lost registration plates under unknown to me circumstances." There you write that the search yielded no results, and what about the responsibility for false information, you have been warned.
If there are no documents for the car experts, garages themselves are being checked to its database about the owner, and subject to any and all violations of the law.
In MREO refuses to withdrawal from the account in case the car is seized or the vehicle is material evidence in a criminal case. A similar situation is possible, if it is discovered that the owner changed the body or engine on other units, not filling out properly this change in MREO.
In MREO do not like the car are unpaid fines or outstanding loans.
Useful advice
If your car has unpaid tickets, you need to pay them on the spot, but to deny this in the lifting of the machine into scrap, you are not eligible.
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