You will need
  • - computer with Internet access
Rate the profitability of your plans. Explore using the Internet the average market price of your model and make of the car, drawing attention to the model and defects in your sample, because of which the price of the machine varies significantly. If your old car may present some value for collectors, please note this. In that case, if you have in the garage or in the yard is more of a pile of scrap metal than a car, but it documents all in order, then you should seriously consider participating in the recycling program of old cars. Of course, this option is acceptable only in case if your plans include buying another car, and the budget allows consider buying a new machine.
Remove the vehicle from the register. If you intend your old car to sell, make sure that the new owner had no problems with the traffic police. The apparent legal validity of future transactions will significantly affect the number of potential buyers.
If your vehicle is not running, it does not have a coupon about passing of technical inspection or insurance, to travel to the traffic police and back is either with towing or with the support of a friend who will take you to the inspection and home in tow. This option is acceptable only if your old car operate brake and emergency signals. Savings - a great thing, but safety need to come first.
To advertise the sale. Here will be useful for any communication with a potential buyer. If you are a happy owner of retro classics, advertise on the forum lovers automarine. In all other cases, you will have a popular Internet auction sites, electronic Bulletin boards, forums car enthusiasts and publications that, despite the rapid development of high technology, still remain an important source of information for many people.
If the buyer for your old car found, then execute the transaction on their own to a contract of sale in writing, or use the commissary. If a buyer is not found and you are planning to buy a new car, try to use the services of the dealership. At the moment, almost any dealer can buy an old car, suggesting that for him, however, a relatively low price, or take it out to offset buying a new car. In the latter case, the cost will be priced significantly higher because the dealership will immediately get a buyer for your product. Call dealers in your city and find out what they will be able to offer you.
In the case when your old car failed to sell and buy a new you are scheduled, it remains only one way to get rid of it - donate a car to the scrap as scrap metal. Of course, enormous profits it will bring, and you have to spend on its delivery to the point of reception of scrap, but let your soul warms the realization that you have done a very good deed for the environment by sending your old car to be recycled.