You will need
  • The dealership
  • Car
When you exchange your old car for a new the experts may understate the cost of the machine by about 10%. But you can save considerable time, receive a guarantee financial security and legal purity.
Usually, the evaluators are of the formula: in the first year the car loses about 25% of the cost, then by 10% each year. If you calculate the cost of 3-year-old machine the year 2008 with a purchase cost of 600 thousand rubles, for 2011 the cost will be about 380 thousand. Don't be surprised too small value, because the cabin is advantageous to understate the price, considering the cost of pre-training.
Selling the car on system trade-in please note some features of the transaction. In the cabin, primarily to check the technical condition of the car. If there is any malfunction, it is better to eliminate them beforehand, as this will significantly reduce the cost of the machine. If the car was serviced by an authorized dealer is a significant advantage, since such machines are usually within the time completed all the documents perfectly decorated.
Special attention salon pays "biography" of the machine. The experts check out the auto "hijacking".
If you arrive at the salon with the already deregistered the car, the whole process of sale can take as little as 1 day. The expert will immediately inspect the car and call the approximate cost. If the price suits you - the engine is running! You choose a new car, pay extra if needed and the car is yours.
If the car is registered, then it must first be removed. In both cases parallel to this, it is necessary to issue General power of attorney to the Manager, who will deal with your transaction.