Assumed any production whose mass is less than 3.5. For scrap only fit cars that whole doors, engine and wheels. The machine can be on the go. The car must be the property owner of not less than one year. To confirm this fact should be documented. Attorney in this case is not suitable for confirmation.
The owner can choose to rent a car from the register or entrust these actions are official dealer from which in the future will be purchased a new car. Quite often people go to the dealer. In this case, you don't have to waste time on deregistration.
To deliver the car to the dealer you should own. If he's not on the go, use the services of a tow truck. In advance, print out the form of the certificate on recycling. The dealer you need to issue a power of attorney to remove the machine from the register and putting in recycling. It needs to be spelled out points that the dealer will be able to perform all actions associated with the removal of the vehicle from the register. Then you can move on to choosing and booking a new car. At the completion of the disposal must give you a certificate. 50 thousand rubles, the dealer should subtract that from the cost of a new car.
Remember, you have to pay 3 thousand rubles under the contract of disposal. In the end, your old car will be estimated at 47 thousand. If you decide to rent a car from the register and hand over for disposal, the seller you will need to present issued a certificate. It is necessary to receive the discount.
The program operates throughout Russia. The term of registration certificates does not exceed 5 working days. The period may be extended if the actions are in different regions. In this case, you will receive a certificate within one month.