Contact the company involved in the purchase of old cars. In this case, you will be able to get some profit.
Turn in old vehicle at the point of reception of ferrous metal scrap. This method is quite common in many large cities. Surrendering the old car for scrap, you'll also get some profit. On the other hand, such processing of defective vehicle protects the environment. Full security is provided to prevent littering of the environment various details and parts of the machine.
Sell usable old car. The announcement of the sale can be placed in electronic and printed publications, or hang out on the streets. This option is quite effective, but to extract considerable profit from the sale of the owner "iron swallow" needs to bargain. To find out the real value of the old machine, do not have to use paid services of professionals or visit the care centers. To determine how much overage car online. Filling in fields relating to the description of the transport, you will get the result that you can operate when selling the car.
If your car is so old that it is not able to function, but some parts you can still use it, use it as a donor. Drivers often let their old car for sale in separate parts. It should be noted that this method of getting rid of not suitable for operation of the vehicle can bring to its owner a greater profit than if he gives it in point of reception of ferrous metal.
Give an old car in an exhibit in the Museum garage. You might find a person who is a collector of old cars. If your machine will be interested in it, then he will gladly join her her collection "iron swallow".
If you do not want to part with his old car, which for many years you had served, you can come up with other ways of its operation. For example, an old car can be used in the design of landscape design suburban area. Create an original flower garden or flowerbed from unusable machine.