The emphasis in the word "newborn" in accordance with the literary norm

If you look in the dictionaries of the Russian language, they all agree on one thing – the word "newborn" should be pronounced with the accent on the fourth syllable (newborn). This variant is a literary norm, and that's how the word should sound in a competent Russian speech. In the directory "Russian word stress" even specifically negotiated infidelity is a common stress "newborn". And pronouncing dictionary, edited by Reznichenko stressed that to say that it is necessary through "E" (and syllables with "E" are always under stress).

Some dictionaries, however, is fixed and variant stress "newborn" – for example, "Great dictionary" Kuznetsova leads him, providing marked "colloquial" (that is encountered in casual speech). But the most authoritative reference works still treat the accent on the "O" as an absolute error.

The word "newborn" in the Russian language can be used in two meanings:

  • newly born baby
  • the person celebrating their birthday.

Regardless, we are talking about the kid or adult birthday, emphasis will be placed on one and the same, the fourth syllable.

If you change the adjective "newborn" in gender, case and number, the focus will not shift under stress will still remain:

  • dowry for a newborn
  • the baby girl,
  • gifts for newborn twins
  • to hold a newborn.

Why often say "newborn"

On the prevalence of error in emphasis in the word "newborn" is influenced by several factors. First, a disservice to this word rendered "optional" use of the letter "E" – rules of the Russian language it is necessary to use only the names, surnames and words, where the replacement of "E" to "E" changes the meaning of a word (e.g. "all" or "all"). The word "newborn" is not included in these words, so often spelled with an "E" – and that the shock is the fourth syllable, it becomes obvious.

In addition, the Russian language has a tendency to "equilibrium" stress – when it gradually shifts to the center of the word. Therefore, the desire to do in patissona the word "newborn" is the Central accent on the third syllable – is quite natural.

Well, not the last role in the spread of stress "newborn" was played by the prevalence of this variant in a professional environment of physicians, but also among officials.

Nevertheless, in the literary Russian language yet, the only recognized variant of the norm is the emphasis of "newborn" – and thus say it should be exactly.