Advice 1: On which syllable is accented in the word "orphans"

The word "orphan" stress usually does not cause problems – most people surely put him on the third syllable. But the plural there is no consensus – "orphans" can be pronounced with the accent on the first and on the second syllable. How do you correct?
On which syllable is accented in the word "orphans"

"Orphans" – the accent in singular and plural

When the inflection of the word "orphan" in the singular in accordance with the rules of the Russian language, the stress falls on the ending, on the third syllable – "to care for the orphan", "orphaned", "benefits for orphans" and so on.

But in the plural the stress shifts to the second syllable, and the word "orphan" shock vowel becomes "O". Loitering in the plural the accent on the "O" is stored in all cases.

Сироты - ударение и склонение

Accent on the "O" in the plural – orphans, orphans, orphans, orphans is a literary norm, the only indisputably correct pronunciation – that all converge dictionaries.

In such words as "orphan", "Sirotka", "orphan" the emphasis is on "O" in the second syllable, and the word "orphan" – at "And" in the third.

Is it permissible to say "orphans" with the accent on the first syllable

Option "orphans" with the accent on the first syllable in a number of papers explicitly stated as wrong, deviant. For example, in dictionary of Russian word stress" Zarva contains a special explanation: "on orphans, orphans, orphans". And in the explanatory dictionary edited by Kuznetsov's version of "orphans" contains marked "conversational" – that is acceptable in casual speech, but not meeting the strict literary standards.

Thus, to emphasize, "orphans" on the first syllable is strongly discouraged – it could be regarded as pronouncing a mistake.

Perhaps, the desire to put the emphasis in the word "orphan" to "And" due to similarity of the word "orphan" and the adjective "orphaned" – it percussion is just the first syllable. Now "orphaned" is used primarily in the book of the speech against the poor, the lonely, the needy or helpless people. But its original meaning – have lost their parents, orphaned.

It turns out that in the formulation the word "orphans" emphasis on "And" by analogy with the related word "orphaned" is a kind of logic. But we must be guided by all the same modern orthoepic rules – and do accent the second syllable.

Advice 2 : On which syllable is accented in the word "mosaic"

The emphasis in the Russian language – phonological paradigmatic (that is, the shock can be any syllable), and movable in the same root words the accent may be different vowels. Therefore, in order not to make mistakes in such words as "mosaic," the emphasis need to remember.
On which syllable is accented in the word "mosaic"

The correct emphasis in the word "mosaic"

All the words in the root which are two vowels sound are borrowed. The word "mosaic" is no exception. It comes from the Latin, and the emphasis in it, as in the language of the source falls on the "and" – "mosaic". Mistakes in the accent of this word is very rare, but the wrong pronunciation of "mosaic" with an "s" instead of "And" is quite common and caused by just uncharacteristic for the Russian language by the vowel combination "AI". This version of the utterance does not correspond to norms of the Russian literary language and is considered an error.

But in the word "mosaic" the emphasis is on the vowel "And" – "mosaic". So it is recommended to put the emphasis all the dictionaries of the Russian language. And some reference books, e.g. dictionary of Russian word stress" edited by M. V. Zarva even specifically emphasizes the "no mosaic".

The emphasis in the word "Mosaic" is always on the second syllable – as in the literal meaning (in the form of a mosaic) and figurative (composed of heterogeneous elements), and it will persist when you change the adjective according to the gender, case or number: mosaic walls, mosaic murals, mosaic table and so on.

The word "mosaic" and released "mosaic" emphasis will also fall on the vowel "And".

The adjective "mosalvy" – accent on the second syllable

"Mosalvy" is another adjective derived from the noun "mosaic". It means almost the same as "mosaic" – made of mosaic, but might mean still something that belongs to her ("mosaikoa detail"). In speech, the word "mosalvy" is used rarely, but it can be found in the literature, in particular, in the works of Leo Tolstoy. The most famous "mosalvy portfolio" from the novel-epopee "War and peace".

The word "mosalvy" the stress falls on the second syllable, the vowel "A" – "mosalvy". This word is also necessary to avoid pronouncing "Th" instead of "And" .

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