The essence of laser hair removal

The laser destroys the hair and its bulb. The light beam passes through the skin without damaging it and is absorbed by the hair pigment (melanin). Thus, the laser responds to dark spots. The method works best on hair when they are in the growth phase, so they should shave a few days before the procedure. To remove all the hair you need to spend a few procedures.

Who is suitable for laser hair removal

Taking into account the principle of laser action, it should be noted that this method is not suitable for all, but only for women with light skin and dark hair. Laser does not work on light and red hair, because he simply does not recognize.

Pay attention to the fact that some areas are more difficult for hair removal with laser is that your forearms and thighs.

Laser hair removal contra-indications:

- matte or tanned skin (risk of depigmentation or transparent spots on the skin);

- areas with moles or skin lesions;

- pregnant women;

- people with skin diseases;


Duration and effectiveness

The laser only works on visible hair, while the growth rate they have different. So you will have to attend several sessions at least three to get rid of all unwanted hairs.

If you think that laser hair removal will relieve you permanently from this problem is a mistake. Some of the hair really will not grow. A couple of years you will forget about the hair, but then it all starts again.

You also need to remember that hormonal changes such as occur during menopause, can cause hair growth, despite the fact that before the procedure was carried out. It is the nature, and it is stronger. Thin and vellus hairs, may also darken.

Laser hair removal benefits

Hair removal by this method has many advantages, which may well have been appreciated by many women.

Among them:

- this method allows processing a large area of the body;

- hair removal is painless;

- for quite a long time you forget about the problem.

Despite all the amenities, which gives this method has some disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that you need to limit sun exposure. Leather in no case should not sunbathe. Before the session you need 1-2 months to avoid the sun.

You may also experience the following problems:

- redness and swelling around the treated hair,

- the possibility of light or dark spots,

- very rarely burns.