Electrolysis is one of the most effective ways to remove body hair forever. The procedure involves the insertion of a needle or wrap the wiring directly to the hair follicle, after which the electric current burns the hair at the root. Burnt follicle can no longer produce hair. This time-tested method of hair removal. Unlike the laser hair removal procedure is effective regardless of skin color and hair. Everyone can use electrolysis to remove hair on almost any part of the body, including around the eyes and eyebrows areas where laser removal is not applicable.Depending on density of hair, the process takes a long time. This is because each follicle must be exposed. The removal of hair from upper lip, ears and eyebrows takes much less time than the removal of vegetation on the legs and back. Although electrolysis refers to the effective and safe methods, he is able to give some complications: redness, swelling in the field of hair removal. If this procedure makes the layman, infection infection, skin discoloration and scarring.
Another effective way to remove hair for a long time is laser hair removal. Intense light pulses are directed to areas of unwanted hair growth. The light energy penetrates the skin, then absorbed by the melanin. The temperature of follicle increases hair fall off, and the follicle is destroyed. But this method it is possible to remove only those hairwhich are in active phase of its growth, and it is not more than 80 percent of the hair on the skin. All the others, as soon as the body will require additional laser hair removal procedures. Laser radiation is directed on large areas of skin, a certain amount of hair removed from each pulse. Therefore, laser hair removal takes much less time than electrolysis. But it requires additional sessions as "hidden" from the laser exposure 20 percent of your hair continue to grow. Laser hair removal can cause redness and swelling after the procedure. It is not excluded blisters, scars, discoloration of the skin and even its structure.
Home laser hair removal is not as effective as professional electrolysis and laser hair removal professional, but the results it gives. This method of hair removal works on the same principles, and professional techniques, but with the use of household appliances. Laser light energy penetrates the skin to destroy the hair follicle. The number of treatments often exceeds the frequency of professional sessions.