A nut shell. Take the shell of pine nuts and burn. In the ashes carefully add some hot water and RUB. The resulting mixture apply on the skin, which, in your opinion, is there unnecessary hair. Keep 20-30 minutes, then rinse with warm water and soap. Repeat the procedure daily until until you see that the hair started to disappear. Pine nuts you can substitute walnuts, but the result will not be as effective.
Similar recipe: instead of walnut shell, some use the dried plant poppy-samosejka. The method for preparing a mixture similar to the "nut" recipe.
Nettle oil. Take 40-50 g of seeds of nettle, lightly crush them with their mortar and pour 100 grams of vegetable oil. Leave in a dark place for 8 weeks. Strain. Apply oil to places that require hair removal. Note: the seeds should be only a nettle, and not the other kind! Collect them in July-August.
Spurge. From the stems and leaves of fresh milkweed, squeeze the juice. Add 50 g of aloe juice and lime. Steep for 3-5 hours, stirring occasionally. RUB the mixture into areas of the body where they are not desirable for you hair. Keep as much as you can withstand, preferably not less than 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and liberally lubricate the skin any fat cream or vaseline. Note: in no case do not use on face!
Grapes. Only suitable wild young (unripe) grapes. Juice of berry green grate place with excess vegetation. Repeat day by day. The recipe is quite adaptable to sensitive places. The result is visible very soon.
Dope. Seeds of Datura grind (preferably in a coffee grinder) to form a powder. Add the vodka to the consistency of thick cream. Leave in a warm dark place for 3-4 weeks. Lubricate the places with unwanted hair every day until then, until you notice that the hair is gone. To be sure, at these places they will not ever have.