You will need
  • Consult a beautician, wax, paper strips, epilator, razor.
For hair removal in salons is used in electrolysis. Using this procedure, the unwanted hair follicles are removed forever. This method is based on the use of electric current, which, when applied to the skin, reaches the depth where hair follicles are located. The conductor current is introduced into the skin with a thin needle. Under the action of an electric current, the bulb is destroyed. A drawback of the procedure can be called thin crust, which is formed on the skin, and heals in 7-21 days.
Based on enzymatic hair removal is the use of natural enzyme of herbal medicinal products. For hair removal tools are applied to epilinum area. After that for some time this area is exposed to infrared radiation. The disadvantages of this method is that the action of plant enzymes does not occur immediately, but only after some time, after which hair growth is slowed down and they are removed with hot wax. To fully get rid of excess vegetation will require 4 to 7 treatments.
If body hair pronounced or hairs in the area bikini is very tough, in this case, the best fit laser hair removal. The laser helps to destroy the hair follicles with a focused laser beam. The advantage of this method is its perfect painlessness. The disadvantage is that the effect of full hair removal will come in 12 months and the procedure must be repeated every month.
Epilation has no restrictions on the structure or color of hairs. On the skin this method is the effect is minimal. Light or heat exposure in this method is the main factor slowing down the growth of hair. The melanin (hair pigment) is a light-thermal effects, which leads to clotting of blood vessels that supply the hair follicle with nutrients. Atrophy of the follicle for hair removal and leads to cessation of hair growth.
If you remove the hair it is urgent, then there would suit waxing. One of its types is bioepilation wax or waxing (from the English. wax – wax). In total there are 2 methods of hair removal like this: "warm" and "hot". The wax used in this procedure, durum, made from pine resin or petroleum products. To the mixture is more plastic and sticking in the mass add vegetable oil, e.g. lemon oil. The mass is heated to 38-42?C, and then a thin layer is applied to the area of the bikini in the direction of hair growth. Top applied paper strip and gently pressed. Once the wax is fixed on the paper, her precise and rapid movement is removed against the hair growth.
Very painful way is waxing area bikini mechanical epilator. This device clamps the hairs, and then pulls them. Using tweezers, removed the remaining isolated hairs. This procedure carries a high risk of catching infections or to strong irritation of the skin. Another drawback is that you can receive ingrown hairs.
The most simple method of hair removal area bikini – shave. The main drawback is that to repeat the procedure every day, and this can lead to irritation of the skin.