First of all, we should dispel the myth that laser hair removal eliminates unwanted hair permanently. It is not, and this doctor will tell you before your first procedure. The rate and character of hair growth depends on genetic factors and hormonal, but usually, after 8-10 treatments, you will need to hair removal about once every six months. In addition, the hair can start to grow unabated.

But the fact that after the first treatment the hairs become much finer, softer and rare it really was. In addition, you will forget about the problem of ingrown hairs and inflammation.

The alexandrite laser is effective only for dark hair on light skin, as it reacts to melanin. If brown hair, alexandrite laser will be a waste of money. If the skin is dark or tanned, then has a chance to burn, so a good doctor will never undertake this and will advise a different method of hair removal. In the case of the sun, since the sun must be at least two weeks and if the sun is intense, much more.

Another misconception that is common in promotional articles that it is absolutely painless. The laser "burns" the hair, so this procedure is painless, of course, can not be. On sensitive areas, such as the deep bikini, sometimes apply anesthetic cream to be applied an hour before procedure. But if the pain threshold is not very low, you can try to do without the cream, as the pain is quite tolerable. After laser hair removal usually practically no irritation, in rare cases possible swelling, which takes place the next day, but it is an individual reaction.

What happens after hair removal

If you think that the same day will get a smooth skin without a single hair, then unfortunately, you are mistaken. Laser beam like burns the hair and destroys the follicle, and after the procedure on the surface of the skin will be charred "hemp", which will fall only after 7-15 days. Then about a month, you can enjoy smooth skin. It is important that the regrown hairs not shaving and plucking with tweezers or electroepilation. In a pinch you can use a depilatory cream. The first procedure should be carried out with a break of 1,5-2 months.

The laser hair removal there are a number of contraindications. For example, diabetes, certain skin diseases, pregnancy and others. Laser hair removal is considered safe, however, since the beginning of the laser application it has been very little time to with confidence to make such conclusions. The doctor should inform you about all the contraindications and ask the necessary questions. And, of course, this procedure should only be conducted in specialized medical salons for high-quality equipment.

Originally laser hair removal was available to few, but due to its wide distribution, many medical centers offer significant discounts. In addition, in the long run this kind of hair removal is not less than the monthly waxing at the salon.